Overcome crooked teeth problems and show off your smile with Clear Correct! Here at Prescott Family Dentistry, we can give you a great dental solution to straighten misaligned teeth without having to use metal braces. We have Clear Correct as an alternative to traditional braces so that you do not have to be wearing wires and unsightly brackets.

Metal braces are less attractive, and can be uncomfortable and painful to wear. Clear Correct is a method to straighten teeth by using clear and customized aligners that gradually move teeth to their correct position and alignment.

How does Clear Correct work?

Clear correct treatment requires you to wear a new aligner every three weeks from a seriesof custom aligners created for you. The treatment is done in four phases, each of which lasts three weeks. These aligners are worn for the entire day and can be easily removed while eating, drinking, brushing and flossing. Regular checkups are recommended so that we can continue to monitor and evaluate progress of the treatment. This process will continue until you are able to attain your desired results.

Why do you need to straighten your teeth?

  • Gums fit perfectly around properly aligned teeth, allowing the toughest defense against periodontal disease. Clear Correct can comfortably straighten your teeth into their correct position without the use of brackets and wires.
  • Crooked or misaligned teeth are difficult to clean, causing the areas between the teeth to become home to bacteria, plaque and food particles and giving way to tooth decay.
  • Perfectly aligned teeth give you a beautiful, celebrity-like smile that you can proudly show off to the world.

Come! Get straighter, more beautiful and properly aligned teeth with Clear Correct Braces from Prescott Family Dentistry in Fort Mill SC. Call us at (803) 306-7567 for appointments.

Our Happy Customers

"I have nothing but fantastic things to say about this practice. The entire office is just phenomenal - everyone is warm, welcoming, personable, and very customer service oriented. They all remember you when you come in, they engage in friendly conversation and above all, strive to make you feel comfortable. Dr. Prescott is simply wonderful and there is nothing bad that I can say about my experiences with him. My husband and children are also patients, and although we relocated from Fort Mill,SC to Waxhaw, NC it is totally worth the drive to continue under Dr. Prescott's care. I've even referred several of my new neighbors to the practice... they all thought I was nuts to be referring them so far down the road. After their visits, they all raved about Dr. Prescott and his staff and thanked me for referring them. BTW - my kids are 14, 15 and almost 4. Dr. Prescott & team finds a way to connect with each of them despite the age differences. My youngest had his first cleaning here and can't wait to go back to the "mouth doctor"!!"

Kimiko S.

"We got an email and text message reminding me of appointments for my family. We have had great service here and would recommend to anyone. Small, family friendly and clean. "


"Dr. Prescott gave me whiter and cleaner teeth. I never had problems with scheduling a visit and talking to the staff. Great service! "

Knight O

"Dr. Jason Prescott did an excellent job in retaining my beautiful teeth. I can't thank him enough!"

James K.

"Friendly and accommodating. They are the best clinic in our area. "

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