How Cleanings & Complete Checkups of tooth helps your child’s in Fort Mill?

Posted by Dr. Prescott on Feb 22 2017, 10:53 PM

When it comes to the proper caring for your child’s teeth, then the parents hold the complete responsibility until a child is old enough to do it themselves.  Once a child’s teeth begin to emerge inside the mouth, they need to take care for just like adult teeth. That means that as early as 4-6 months when the first baby tooth appears inside the mouth which the parents need to be brushing their child’s teeth.

The Tooth decay is the leading chronic childhood illness in America, and yet it is entirely preventable. The teeth must be cared for diligently in order to prevent the damaging effects of plaque. The Plaque is caused by the chemical reaction between bacteria and particles left behind in the mouth after drinking or eating anything other than water. Because the babies are fed milk (breast milk or formula) and as soon as they begin eating the baby foods, their teeth are constantly assaulted by plaque. This Plaque is made up of millions of acid-producing bacteria and it spreads throughout the mouth each day.

The Procedural Steps

All the teeth need to be brushed at least twice a day and then flossed daily in order to remain healthy and free from the damaging effects of dental plaque. Parents need to begin caring for their child’s teeth as soon as they appear inside the mouth. From 6-months of age to 3-years, a smear of the fluoride toothpaste should be used with a child-sized toothbrush. As the child ages, a pea-sized amount of the fluoride toothpaste should be used. Just as with the adult teeth, the child’s teeth should be brushed every morning and at bedtime, with no other beverages or foods given unless the teeth will be brushed again. It is essential that a child goes to bed with a clean set of teeth so that the teeth are not constantly under assault from damaging plaque throughout the night.

As the children grow up and mature, they will really need to learn to care for their own teeth. While the parents are the best sources of good examples for proper oral hygiene, the children should be supervised until they are capable of taking care of their teeth. Children can often be encouraged to brush properly with fun apps that are easily incorporated into your tooth brushing ritual.

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